Furnace & AC Protection Plan

Don’t Risk It. Protect Your Furnace

Ottawans are blessed with extreme heat and cold. This means our furnaces and ACs are constantly in use. Sometimes, this results in problems with ACs and furnaces that need to be professionally repaired. These repairs can be quite costly.

Furnace & AC Protection Plan Prices
Furnace & AC Protection Plan

The Ultimate Plan and the Peace of Mind Plan

You shouldn’t have to worry about your furnace or AC. That’s why Zenith Eco Energy is introducing two new levels of protection plans: the Ultimate Plan, and the Peace of Mind Plan, for either or both your AC and furnace.


Both plans offer 24/7 Priority service which means that you are ensured a quick response from our TSSA-certified technicians every time you encounter a problem. There is also coverage for parts and labour, so if your furnace or AC is broken, you don’t have to pay for expensive parts or for the technicians visit. Taking care of your furnace and AC increases its lifespan, and efficiency.

The one difference in the two plans is that the Ultimate plan comes with annual maintenance & tune-up, which is currently on sale for $65. With annual maintenance and tune-up, your furnace and AC will work fantastically.

Furnace Protection Plan Details
Furnace Protection Plan Details


All of these plans first require inspection by a technician to ensure your AC and furnace is in working order. Further, these plans are for a one year term.
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